New Profitable Strategies Discussed in Global Strategy Consulting Market Report to 2025: Leading Players Covered Like McKinsey, The Boston Consulting Group, Roland Berger Europe, Deloitte, Accenture Europe, KPMG, Mercer

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The global strategy consulting market is expected to reach valuation of up to USD STRATEGY CONSULTING billion by 2025. The strong growth of the global strategy consulting market is driven by globalization, developments in laws, consolidation, legislation, efficiency and technology.

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Since its inception two decades ago, the strategy consulting market has evolved into one of the highly mature industries present in the professional services sector. This sector has been generating huge revenues with their precise estimates and consultation services. The strategy consulting market through its various product types combined offer their services in over 200 industries across the world. A large number of consultants majorly work at large and medium sized consulting firms. However, enterprises who are active as sole proprietorships or freelance consultants are also driving the growth of the market.

Top Key Players: 


The Boston Consulting Group,

Bain & Company,

Booz & Co.,

Roland Berger Europe,

Oliver Wyman Europe,

A.T. Kearney Europe,


Accenture Europe,



Price water house Cooper.

Key segments of the global strategy consulting market

Product Overview, 2015-2025 (USD million)

  • Operations Consultants
  • Business Strategy Consultants
  • Investment Consultants
  • Sales and Marketing Consultants
  • Technology Consultants

Application Overview, 2015-2025 (USD million)

  • BFSI
  • Chemical Industry
  • Auto Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Other

Over the few decades, enterprises have taken tremendous strides in creating and maturing their in house advisory and implementation units. This gives tremendous scope for creating project management and internal consulting teams as well as advancing typical consulting capabilities across key functions, departments, and processes areas. This has driven the demand for strategy consulting service providers to cater to the specific needs of an enterprise.

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On the basis of product type, the business strategy consultants generated the largest revenue in 2017. The domination of this segment is attributed to the huge demand from big corporate offices. The presence of numerous large and medium enterprises employing the services of strategic consultants is increasing at a high rate. This trend is expected to further bolster the demand for this segment during the forecast period.

The global strategy consulting market segmented on the basis of region, is expected to be dominated by North America. Traditionally, the U.S. has proven to be the breeding ground of the strategy consulting industry, driving the market in this region. The North American strategy consulting market has witnessed a sustained growth, which is attribute to the strong recovery from the 2008 and 2010 financial crisis.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Executive Summary
Chapter 2. Research Methodology
2.1. Research approach
2.2. Scope, definition, and assumptions
2.3. Data sources
Chapter 3. Market Outlook
3.1. Introduction
3.2. Key trends
3.2.1. Market drivers
3.2.2. Market restraints
3.2.3. Market opportunities
3.3. Porter’s Five Forces’ analysis
3.4. PESTEL analysis
3.5. Value chain analysis
3.5.1. Integration comparison
Chapter 4. Strategy Consulting Market Product Overview, By Segmentation 1
4.1. Global Strategy Consulting Market share, by weighing Segmentation 1, 2017 & 2025
4.1.1. Sub-segment 1
4.1.2. Sub segment 2
4.1.3. Others
Chapter 5. Strategy Consulting Market Overview, By Segmentation 2
5.1. Global Strategy Consulting Market share, by Segmentation 2, 2017 & 2025
5.1.1. Sub-segment 1
5.1.2. Sub segment 2
5.1.3. Others
Chapter 6. Strategy Consulting Market Overview, By Geography
6.1.1. North America
6.1.2. Europe
6.1.3. Asia Pacific
6.1.4. Middle East & Africa
6.1.5. South America
Chapter 7. Industry Structure
7.1. Competitive landscape analysis, 2017
7.2. Strategic framework
Chapter 8. Company Profiles
8.1. McKinsey
8.1.1. Company overview
8.1.2. Product offerings
8.1.3. Financial performance
8.1.4. Recent initiatives
8.2. The Boston Consulting Group
8.2.1. Company overview
8.2.2. Product offerings
8.2.3. Financial performance
8.2.4. Recent initiatives
8.3. Bain & Company
8.3.1. Company overview
8.3.2. Product offerings
8.3.3. Financial performance
8.3.4. Recent initiatives
8.4. Booz & Co.
8.4.1. Company overview
8.4.2. Product offerings
8.4.3. Financial performance
8.4.4. Recent initiatives
8.5. Accenture Europe and Others
8.5.1. Company overview
8.5.2. Product offerings
8.5.3. Financial performance
8.5.4. Recent initiatives
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