Electronic Skin Market: Growing Inclination for Advanced Technologies in Emerging Economies in Asia Pacific to Hold a Dominant Position

Press Release

Technological advancements have reached to altogether to a different level, as one can now experience use of electronic skin which was once a far-fetched goal. With electronic skin technology has the capability to reproduce human or animal skin and can respond to environment stimuli such as heat and changes pressure. It is likely that the electronic skin market will grow at a considerable rate in the coming years, as its application is expected to be seen in several industries including industrial and residential robotics, healthcare, and prosthetics.

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Moreover, various manufacturers working with healthcare equipment and wearable devices are showing huge interest in electronic skin. This inclination is based on integrated sensors available in electronic skin that assists in monitoring environmental changes. Additionally, the potential to use electronic skin for on-body health and physiological monitoring has also created huge growth prospects in this market.

Taking in consideration these advantages of using electronic skin, this market has high chances to grow extensively in the forthcoming years. Alongside these drivers, various other factors also influence the growth in the global electronic skin market. More detailed information about the global electronic skin market in the report; that will help in taking well-informed decisions by the market players.

High demand for electronic skin solutions in various industries is expected to accelerate growth in the global electronic skin market. Wearable electronic sectors seem highly enthusiastic about the developments taking place in the electronic skin market. In fact, ongoing researches are also likely to expand overall demand in this market. Some of the current developments that will fuel growth in the global electronic skin market are

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  • Recently, researchers at the National University of Singapore developed a new electronic skin that is stretchable, transparent, self-healing, and touch-sensitive. The ideas of developing such as a material were derived from jellyfishes.
  • A team at the Stanford University has developed an electronic skin that has thousands of transistors and has recently demonstrated its ruggedness and flexibility. The team has used advanced technology and the electronic skin is capable of stretching twice of its size which can be a boon for both prosthetics and robotics.