360 Degree Camera Market Trends in 2019 | Analysis by TMR

Press Release

360 degree cameras have transformed the way images and videos are recorded as these enable the users to shoot pictures and capture videos with 360-degree field of view in horizontal plane. The recorded videos and images can then be conveniently viewed through smartphones or laptops, after they are uploaded to major content platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. These cameras can usually capture videos in 4K resolution and above. They have emerged as potentially promising for virtual reality (VR) applications, where the content can be easily seen using virtual reality headsets. The 360 degree camera market is witnessing rapid evolution supported by the rising demand for 360 surround videos and images content in crucial application areas, notably in surveillance.

One of the most promising uses of 360 degree cameras is in the automotive sector. There is promising demand for 360 degree vehicle cameras in the sector for semi- and fully-autonomous vehicles, where these cameras can form vital part of the safety system. Other application areas include the industrial, healthcare, defense, and media and entertainment sectors.

The report on the global 360 degree cameras market presents critical assessment of the current avenues and promising pockets of investments. The findings and projections will guide stakeholders to get a holistic insight of the current outlook and future regional and global trajectories.

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The growing popularity of augmented and virtual reality content, coupled with the rising adoption of VR headsets, is a key factor fueling the expansion of the global 360 degree cameras market. The rising demand for 360 surround videos and images in surveillance and security applications in public places is also propelling the growth of the market. The growing affordability of these cameras among worldwide consumers has helped the market to make steady strides in recent years.

The ease of use, sharing on multiple platforms, and high resolution of 360 degree videos are some of the compelling features that have helped these cameras gather steam among end-use industries. Manufactures are unveiling products that are compatible with various mobile devices, which also allows easy sharing on social media platforms, thereby bolstering the demand. The incorporation of high-quality image sensors and expandable memory in 360 degree cameras further adds to the attractiveness of these cameras.