Reasons To Hire An Ithaca Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer After An Incident

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Motor vehicle accidents are traumatic because of sustained physical injuries, as well as inconvenient due to damages to property and a possible lawsuit. After an accident, it’s crucial to seek immediate medical attention and contact a lawyer who specializes in handling motor accident cases. 

Below are some good reasons why you should hire a motor vehicle attorney after an accident:

Make Sure You Receive the Right Medical Treatment 

Hiring a trusted and reliable motor vehicle accident lawyer, like Greene & Reid, is important, so you’re advised accordingly on the next steps you need to do after a car or motorcycle accident. Many people think that minor bruises or not having any injury don’t require medical attention. Even if you only sustained minor injuries, your medical condition should be properly documented. 

If your vehicle is severely damaged or other people were injured from the accident, you need to file a claim to get just compensation. The insurance company won’t approve your claim if you fail to provide medical certification or documents. Laboratory results, doctor’s notes, and all medical paperwork make the bulk of a personal injury claim. These pieces of evidence would justify the maximum amount you should receive from the insurance company so you can pay your medical expenses, rehabilitation, and compensate lost wages brought about by the incident.

Ensure That You Receive the Right Compensation 

While you can choose to represent yourself before the insurance company, you might not get the right amount of compensation you deserve. Most accident victims think that insurance companies will pay for all valid claims. Unfortunately, insurance companies want to keep their expenditure at a minimum level. 

For one, insurance companies have their legal team of experts who will do their best to find loopholes in your personal injury claim. Because insurance companies make money by just collecting people’s money, getting the highest amount of compensation is unlikely—not until you hire an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer.

Gather All Possible Pieces of Evidence to Prove Your Claim

Because insurance companies may not always have the best interests of policyholders in mind, hiring a motor vehicle accident lawyer can help you prove your claim. Instead of you dealing with the insurance company, your lawyer will represent you. Otherwise, the representative of the insurance company may try to get you to incriminate yourself or admit fault in the accident to reduce or deny your claim.

Here are the examples of evidence to help corroborate and get your personal injury claim approved:

  • Medical Evidence: These include laboratory and diagnostic procedures done, as well as receipts of prescribed medications, bandages, cast, and mobility equipment. 
  • Witnesses: Contacting a personal injury lawyer should be done as soon as a car accident or motorcycle accident occurs so you’ll get assistance in interviewing and getting the contact information of witnesses on the scene. Local law firms deploy their site investigators as an emergency response to clients who need their help. 
  • Police Report: As soon as accidents happen, the police will assess the scene. Contacting a lawyer after an accident will ensure that all evidence on the scene will be noted on the police report. In that way, substantial evidence will be gathered accordingly, making them favorable to your case. 
  • Talk to Healthcare Professionals: A good personal injury lawyer will seek the expertise of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to show the insurance company and the court that you have a valid claim. It will help you decide if you can give in to the settlement amount offered or take the case to court. 

Take the Case Into Court Trial 

A personal injury lawyer is your professional advocate if a lawsuit becomes necessary, as they will be someone who will represent you before a jury or judge. A car accident lawyer has expert knowledge of personal injury laws and state rules, such as statutes of limitations. Hiring a lawyer right away will help you submit a claim to the insurance company and take your case to court as needed.  

You’ll be helped on the things you should and shouldn’t say in a court hearing. A mockup trial will be performed to ensure you win the case. By taking a personal injury claim to the highest level, it will ensure that you’ll be properly compensated for damages, most especially if you have paralysis, permanent disfigurement, or a disability resulting from the accident. 


A motor vehicle accident lawyer is your best legal representative after a car or motorcycle accident. If you want to obtain the highest possible compensation for your physical injuries, lost wages, pain, and suffering, hiring a personal injury lawyer must be carried out as soon as possible. In that way, all the aspects of your case will be reviewed for a successful outcome.