White Biotechnology Market to Project a Remarkable Growth Owing to the Increased Focus from Biofuel Extraction

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With the increasing awareness level of consumers pertaining to the benefits of white biotechnology-based eco-friendly products, the market for white biotechnology is gaining significant traction across the world. As the governments across a number of economies is increasingly focusing on raising the level of awareness among people regarding the need for taking up greener technologies, especially white biotechnology, across a number of industries.

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Funds allocated to increase the research and development activities in this area and the implementation of stringent emission regulations are encouraging industries to uptake white biotechnology products and principles. This, as a result, is reflecting greatly on the worldwide market for white biotechnology.

Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia pacific, Latin America, and North America are the key regional markets for white biotechnology across the world. Presently, North America leads the global market and had held a share of more than 35% in the overall market in 2015. With the support of large government funds for research and development activities in the field of white biotechnology and the increasing demand for green products, this regional market is anticipated to remain on the dominant position over the next few years. The expanding range of applications across various industries, such as energy, food, pharmaceuticals, and feed, is also projected to boost the North America market for white biotechnology in the near future.

The Asia Pacific market for white biotechnology will also be witnessing a high-paced growth over the forthcoming years, thanks to the augmenting demand for renewable resources in emerging economies, such as India and China, in the region. The plenty of raw materials that can be utilized for the manufacturing of white technology products will also support the Asia Pacific white biotechnology market in gaining momentum in the years to come.

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Biochemical, biomaterial, biofuel, and bioproducts are the key type of products available in the global white biotechnology market. In 2015, the biofuel segment led the overall market with a share of 38.16%. Researchers anticipate the demand for biofuel to remain strong throughout the period of the forecast.

White biotechnology solutions find a widespread application in the pharmaceuticals, food and feed, pulp and paper, energy, and the textile sector. Currently the demand for these solutions is significantly high in the energy sector and the scenario is likely to continue like this in the years to come.

The global market for white biotechnology is mostly consolidated, with DuPont, Cargill Inc., Novozymes, BASF SE, and Archer Daniels Midland Co. largely driving the market. Other prominent players in this market are Lesaffre, DSM, and Corbion.

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