Caution: Omega Prime Group and Hashtechz has dubious origins; investors be warned

Omega Prime Group claims to be a financial technology company that is registered in the United Kingdom since 2016, with a paid up capital of £50 million and current assets of over £100 million.

A quick search on the British government’s Companies House website revealed that Omega Prime was previously known as Trading Business Limited from 12th August 2016 to 25th January 2019. Additionally, filing history of the aforementioned showed that the company went dormant shortly after it was apparently registered by Bryan Anthony Thornton. Registry history confirmed that Atiwat Phooklai, who is listed as the CTO on Omega Prime’s website bought over the company on 24th January 2019. Shortly after, Justin Hale was appointed the directorship who is listed as the founder and CEO on the company’s website. This certainly raises a red flag as there was no official confirmation or publication of Justin Hale’s founding role in the company.

Omega Prime’s claim of a £50 million initial registered capital is a fabrication as the document SH01 (Return of Allotment of Shares) by the Companies House proves that nothing was actually paid. A further search on Endole, a British government agency website showed that the company was dormant until as recent as 2018, which has less than 10 employees and a meagre turnover of under £2 million.

It is evident that their claim of assets amounting to over £100 million and being a leader in the financial technology industry is simply preposterous and untrue. This further adds to the suspicion surrounding the company.

Additionally, searches on Endole has brought to light that Bryan Anthony Thornton, the supposed  first owner of Omega Prime is a shell company creator who creates hundreds of companies only to sell them off a few years later to potential Ponzi Schemes who are looking for a company with some backdated history. This is another red flag which points to the possibility that Atiwat Phooklai, taking advantage of the backdated history, purchased a shell company from Bryan Anthony Thornton to start a “financial technology” company.

Further adding to the suspicion surrounding Omega Prime, the official address stated on the company’s website is also used by numerous other offices. This could well mean that the address stated on the website is a virtual office with call and mail forwarding services; another red flag.

Omega Prime is touting their acquisition of the advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) bot company Hashtechz as one of the best in the industry. This claim in itself raises multiple red flags. Firstly, the address stated on Hashtechz’s official website (like Omega Prime’s) is a virtual office hosted on British Monomarks. Secondly, the name of the CEO is misspelled on Hashtechz’s official website. How does one mix up the founding CEO’s name? Thirdly, the new management of Omega Prime took over on 24th January 2019 and subsequently bought over Hashtechz which was only registered on 28th January 2019. Bearing in mind that Hashtechz claims to have developed state-of-the-art AI, it definitely does not take a rocket scientist to know that the claims just do not add up.

Moreover, the website domains of both companies Omega Prime and Hashtechz was registered by an unknown Singaporean by the name of Thor Lee. A Google search performed on Thor’s address came up to an invalid one and a name search did not yield any results either; this definitely is another suspicious element.

Lastly, the most jarring red flag about Omega Prime and Hashtechz is that their founding CEO Atiwat Phooklai has nil existent web presence or real testimonials on platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn. This could very well mean that Atiwat Phooklai is a fictitious character, created to be the face of the company.

In conclusion, both companies have numerous dubious red flags which all seems to point to a very sophisticated international syndicated Ponzi Scheme. All the executives of both companies have absolutely no web presence and it is highly likely that they are all fictitious characters used as smokescreens. You are urged to proceed with caution should anyone try to bait you with risk-free guaranteed profits.

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