Research and Technological Innovations to Bolster Developments in Automated Cell Block Systems Market

Market Outlook

Cell block offer the opportunity to examine the histological structure and allows the use of ancillary tests. The automated cell block system from Cellient™ addresses the limitations of traditional cell block methods by providing an automated method for creating cell blocks, filter technology ensures cell capture even in scant cases. Also samples prepared with the automated cell block systems are well-matched with immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization and routine special stains. Cell block is a process for preparing cytologic material with the goal that it can be prepared, segmented, recolored, and seen as a histology segment. It can give analytic and diagnostic data notwithstanding that got from cytology slides. Mechanization likewise constructs reproducibility, and streamlines both assembling and downstream handling. In the following decade, cell-based treatments will turn out to be progressively normal for immunological disorders, cancer, heart failure and other different conditions. Cell-based assay segment of research facility automation presently represents around 25% of computerized systems utilized for fluid mechanics coupled with advanced automation.

Market Dynamics of Automated Cell Block Systems Market

A number of factors drive the growth of the automated cell block systems market. Some of these include the increase in the production capacity for automation systems by enhancing and overcoming the limitations of traditional cell block methods and penetration of new products with higher uniformity, cellularity & transparency. To fulfill the demand, device manufacturers have grown completely mechanized, end-to-end frameworks with an extensive variety of new automation systems with higher technology assessment. Top advantages include, availability of block facilitates more sections, concentrated in a small area of slide so that examination is less time consuming. Loose cells, cell aggregates and microscopic tissue fragments are easily recoverable.

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Other features include, stains of immunocytochemistry, pattern and architectural recognition of tumor is possible, no necessity of biopsy is required and storage of cell blocks is easier than unstained slides. Most of the research facilities would profit fundamentally from counseling a specialist to help manage the procedure. While picking a framework, numerous research centers that have effectively done the switch found that the most basic variables are usability, institutionalization, and adaptability. Technology assessment in the automated cell block systems with higher turnaround time coupled with faster processes and government initiatives to aid the development of the market is gaining traction. However, high cost of automated cell block systems and complex regulatory framework slightly hinder the growth of the automated cell block systems market.

Automated Cell Block Systems in Laboratories

With the traditional method of culturing and testing the results could take days and it can be of sub-optimal quality coupled with inconsistent results, insufficient cellularity, long processing times, and risk of contamination may occur. With the automated cell block systems, it helps maintain crisp, clear cellular architecture, minimizes operator error, captures available cells, maximizing cellularity even from small samples, produces standardized and consistent preparations in less than an hour, and also cross reduces contamination risk. There is a need to reduce the time required for the detection process. This can be achieved by the use of automated cell block systems.

Regional Market Outlook

Although North America will continue to hold the largest share in the automated cell block systems market, Asia-Pacific is expected to grow with the largest CAGR.  The continued focus of the major player towards emerging and Asian countries as well as due to the support of the government in these region leads to development of the automated cell block systems market in the region.

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Competition Outlook

Key players in the automated cell block system market are: Hologic, Inc., BioTek Instruments Inc., Miltenyi Biotec, Avantor, and others.


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